How to use a bong

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You will need


Your bong must include: 1. Mouthpiece 2. Chamber 3. Down stem 4. Bowl 



Your bong can include:

1. A diffuser on your down stem: it cools down smoke.

2. Ice notches: also cools down smoke

3. A splash guard: this prevents water from reaching your mouth  

4. Percolators: which further cool down smoke

5. A carb hole: see step 3 & 7


You will also need: 1. Cannabis 2. Lighter 3. Screens (this stops the cannabis from getting in the water).  



Step 1


Fill your bong with cold water. The stem should be 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) underwater when you hold the bong at a 25 degree angle.


Step 2


Pack your bowl: place a screen in the bowl and then add cannabis. 




Add ice cubes if your bong has ice notches in the mouthpiece. Ice further cools down the smoke and makes it smoother to inhale. 


Using your bong

Step 3


Place your mouth against the opening, forming an airtight seal with your lips. Your lips are on the inside of the opening. Place your finger on the carb hole (if your bong has it). 


Step 4



Hold the bong at a 25 degree angle. The down stem should be 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) underwater. 


Step 5


Light your bowl while you simultaneously inhale until the cannabis has a red glow. 


Step 6


Inhale with good strength until the chamber fills with smoke.


Step 7


Take your finger off the carb OR lift the bowl piece out of the bong and simultaneously inhale the smoke from the chamber in one big breath. 


Step 8


Hold the smoke in your lungs for several seconds, and then exhale completely. 




Coughing is quite normal but don’t cough or blow air into the bong. The water can reach the cannabis your smoking.


Step 9 


When ready, light up your bowl again or replace the cannabis if necessary. Note that 1 hit from a bong equals 1 joint or spliff. 

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