Different Cannabis strains

by Christian Müller 11/26/2009 Introduction |  Cannabis |  Grow Views 6152

There are only 3 original strains of Cannabis. All other strains, like White Widow or Purple Haze are hybrids of those strains. This means they have been crossbred with each other in order to create new varieties.

Cannabis Sativa

A tall plant that can grow up to 4 meters and generates very big yields. Produces medium amounts of THC. Can also resist colder climates and is perfectly suited for outdoor growing.

Cannabis Indica

A medium-sized plant that grows about 1,5 meters in height. Indicas are known for their very high THC production. The Cannabis Indica has thick and huge leaves and needs a lot of sun. In Europe it is mostly grown indoor.

Cannabis Ruderalis

A very small plant, growing only 30-50 cm in height. It grows rather slowly, but has a long flowering period. As far as THC level is concerned, it is only low to medium. Hybrids with this strain are very resistant to any climate: in the wild, they even grow between rocks. This type of plant is perfectly suited for every beginner. The best environment for growing the Cannabis Ruderalis is outdoors.

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