Eating Cannabis

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Hashish is often pressed together under heat. That´s why sometimes, it can be eaten without heating it.
It's a lot more fun and yummier, when you use it to prepare other food. It can, for instance, be used in any bakery product, although some work better than others.

THC and the other cannabinoids dissolve in fat. This means you get the best results when you mix it with fatty foods, such as chocolate or butter. Melt some chocolate, butter or couverture. Mix your cannabis into it and use it in pies/cookies/brownies. Yummy!

Note that it might take some time before effects are felt!

Because it takes some time for effects to kick in, people often make the mistake of eating more because they think they haven’t eaten enough and end up feeling sick afterwards!

Wait for at least 60-90 minutes before you take more!


Cannabis | THC | Hashish

The amount of THC present in plant material can vary heavily. People consuming dried cannabis or hashish, should also be aware that modern engineered cannabis strains are much stronger than natural strains.

Because of the high amount of active components, a dosage of 0,1 gram should be sufficient for one person to feel the effects.

Regular smokers or people with low to medium tolerance, use 0,1 - 0,3 grams.

People with high tolerance often use dosages from 0,3 - 0,5 grams.

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