Growing indoor: Harvesting and drying

by Christian Müller 11/27/2009 Indoor |  Cannabis |  Grow Views 5469


Whatever method you choose most of the leaves should be removed first.

Method 1: Fast, but less quality.
Method 2 : Slow, but high quality.

It is very important not to hang the plants too close together. That way, if one plant starts to rot, it will not affect the other plants, as long as there is enough space between them. After about 3-4 weeks, you can cut away the buds. Make sure you also remove the leaves from the buds. The leaves contain only little THC and can cause a headache when smoked.

The reason why this second method produces the best quality, is simple. With this technique, the plant continues for some time to transport minerals and sugar into the buds. This enhances the taste and the content of the active components. It also makes sure the plant dries equally.

There isn’t one exact moment to start harvesting. Many growers have different opinions on the timing of the harvest. It seems to us that it is mainly a matter of taste. During the active flower period, plants will contain more THC than during the growing period. In the later stages, the flower production will slow down and some of the THC will be converted into other related substances such as CBD. Scientists believe that THC produces the “high” feeling whereas CBD has a more physical “stoned” effect. If you prefer the “high” feeling, then harvest when about 35 percent of the little white hairs have become red or brownish. If you rather have the stoned feeling, wait until 65% of the hairs have changed colour.

There are many ways to dry cannabis. We are going to explain the two methods: the fastest and easiest way and another way which takes more time, but produces a better taste and a higher yield.

The easy and fast way: Cut away the buds and hang them upside down. After one week, the buds are dry and ready to use.

If you have more time, cut the plant at the bottom of the stem, just above the flower pot. Hang the entire plant upside down. The perfect drying condition is at a humidity of 55%. If humidity is too low, the plants will dry too fast and have a bad taste. If the humidity is too high, the buds could start to rot.

Temperature should be kept between 18-20 °C through the drying process.

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