Growing indoor: Seeds and young plants

by Christian Müller 11/27/2009 Indoor |  Cannabis |  Grow Views 5905

You can start growing from cannabis seeds or young plants.


If the cannabis seeds are older or really dry, you should use another method. Fill a glass with lukewarm water and put the seeds in it. Most seeds will open after a few hours.
The seedlings can now be planted in small flowering pots, just put them about 0,5 cm deep into the soil. Keep the soil wet. Iff it dries, the seedlings will die. Also, the seedlings shouldn’t be placed in full sun. The temperature for the seedlings should be around 24 °C.

Young plants

For young plants 20.000 – 25.000 Lux is enough. During the flowering period this can be increased to 40.000 Lux.
A good temperature in your growing room is 22-28 °C. If temperature is too low, your plants won’t grow perfectly.
Humidity should be at 80% during the growing phase and at 60% during the flowering period. The young plants should have 18 hours of light or more.
The soil should be wet all the time. It is also necessary to spray the plants with water from time to time. Cannabis grows best with a water temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius. Below this temperature, the roots of the plant have more trouble taking up water and nutrients. Too high a temperature is not good either since this will kill the plants.

To get a high number of germinating cannabis seeds, use 2 pieces of kitchen roll and 2 similar plates. Make one piece of kitchen roll wet and place it on one plate. Then put the seeds on the plate. Make the other piece of kitchen roll wet and put on top of the seeds, cover it with the second plate turned upside down. Cannabis seeds need high humidity to germinate, this technique ensures that they stay humid enough. Keep them at 20-22 °C. After a few days, the seeds will open.

After the young plants develop several leaves, they are ready to be planted in big flowering pots. The seedlings should have 18 hours of light or more.

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