Male or female plants ?

by Christian Müller 11/27/2009 Introduction |  Cannabis |  Grow Views 5165

It is very important to be able to tell the difference between your male plants and female plants. Male plants produce pollen. If the flowers of the female plants are pollinated by these pollen (if the females are fertilized), they will start to produce seeds and will put less energy in THC production.

How can I see whether a plant is female or male?

If you want to see which plants are female and which are male, you have to look at the "preflowers". Preflowers are little buds that appear after 4 weeks of growing. These preflowers are very tiny and can be missed easily. You have to search the nodes (at the root of each branch) carefully, it’s best to use a magnifier.

Female preflowers are pear shaped and create a pair of pistils (little white hairs). But pay attention: not every preflower opens and has pistils, that’s why you have to check all the nodes very carefully.

Male preflowers are like small balls on a stick, they do not produce pistils (white hairs).

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