Safe guide on the use of Salvia

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Salvia is an extremely safe drug and when used in the correct environment and situation it can lead to mind-elevating experiences. There are some elements to be taken into consideration when planning on having a salvia trip, to make sure that you have a great and safe experience.

What To Do

Here are some things to be aware of before your salvia trip. This list comes from the experience and research of salvia users and aims at promoting a safe use of this wonderful mind altering substance:

  • Know about the effects of salvia and what to expect
  • Plan the appropriate dosage, how you will take it and arrange everything beforehand, having what you need within reach
  • Choose a time and create a safe environment where the trip will take place. Experienced users refer that the safest way to have a salvia trip is by lying in bed with your eyes closed in a dimly lit room. Prepare a place to lie down after your hit (if smoking) or when the effects start to kick in.
  • Start with low doses, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Have a sitter, especially when smoking extracts or if you are new to salvia. The salvia effects can be really strong and it is known that people may get up and walk around, unaware of their surroundings.
  • Close your eyes if you are aiming at a stronger experience.
  • Volunteer to be a sitter for others.

What Not to Do

There is a list of things that should NOT be done when taking salvia:

  • Never drive or operate heavy machinery when taking salvia.
  • Never take salvia with dangerous objects lying around, such as guns or knives.
  • Never take salvia if you have any known mental health condition.
  • Do not take salvia at work or in public. Salvia is not a drug to promote social interaction and it is not a party drug.
  • Do not mix salvia with alcohol or any other drug, especially if you are a beginner.

How to be a sitter

The role of a sitter is important and they have basically 3 mains functions:

  • The most important one is to keep the person taking salvia out of harms way. As referred, on a salvia trip people are unaware of their surrounding and dangerous situations such as high windows or traffic. Take away car keys and dangerous objects. Try to stay out of their way while they are tripping but remain alert to help them avoid walking into walls or approaching windows. When needed, speak softly, redirect and only use physical force when there is no other option. Touching the person could be perceived as an assault and the person might react negatively.
  • The second job of a sitter is to reassure, especially in cases where the person tripping appears frightened. Always keep in mind that a salvia trip is short and try to keep the person calm until the effects begin to wear out.
  • The third and last function of a sitter is to help the person to later recall the experience. A sitter can take notes of the person’s actions and later talk about them to help the person recall the trip.

What a sitter should know beforehand and keep in mind:

  • Salvia effects are short.
  • In case the tripper starts to freak out, keep them safe and wait for the effects to wear out.
  • Clear with the person that you are sitting for that they would not mind to be touched during the trip.
  • Only take the person to a emergency room if there is a real medical issue. Otherwise keep the matter private.
  • It can be useful if the sitter had tried salvia before to have a idea of what the person tripping is feeling (although each person has their own individual trip).


Salvia divinorum [Fresh leaves]

For sublingual (under the tongue) consumption, a dosage of 25-30 fresh leaves is required.

Salvia divinorum [Dried leaves]

When smoking dried leaves, normally 1-3 leaves are enough to obtain strong effects, although the dosage can vary from person to person.

Therefore it is recommended to start with a low dosage first.

Salvia divinorum [Extracts]

The recommended dosage varies from extract to extract. For example, if the extract is a 15x extract, it just means the extract is 15 times stronger than the leaves it was made with. But it does not tell you how strong the leaves are (which been used for extraction). This means you will have to test low dosages first, every time you change the extract or the brand you use.

For smoking, often 30-60 mg of the dried extract is enough to create very strong psychedelic effects.

For sublingual consumption, more extract is required. In most cases double the smoking amount is enough. But this consumption technique is different from smoking, so again the amount varies from person to person. Here too, testing low dosages first is recommended.

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