Smoking a Joint

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In the USA, people use pure Cannabis rolled in a smoking paper. In Europe, a joint is a mixture of tobacco and cannabis rolled in a smoking paper. It´s most common to use a 50:50 mixture of cannabis and tobacco.

If you don´t know how to roll a joint or you want to try something new, check out these rolling instructions.

The "Regular" Joint

It should be made flexible first. Press it against a lighter, bend it around and pull it over the sharp corner. One end of the millboard should be formed into a small S or Z shape. Then, the filter is rolled up around it. The filter should not be rolled too tight, give it a conic shape, this will make it easier to roll the joint.

Place a paper in front of you, the adhesive strip should lie on the top. Place the filter on one end of the paper.

Place the mixture next to the filter on the paper, but leaving about 1cm space between the mixture and the end of the paper. Otherwise, when rolling the filter, the mixture on that place would just fall out.

Pick up the joint carefully, hold the filter with your forefinger. Bend the side of the paper (the side without adhesive strip) around the filter, hold it with your thumb. Keep the paper tight around the filter with your thumbnail and form the joint with the thumb of your other hand. Bend the paper around the mix, like you did with the filter and press it a little bit. Make the adhesive strip wet and roll the rest of the paper tight around the joint.

Take a cigarette filter and put it in the top of the joint. Use it to press the joint mix down, so that it becomes more compact. Then, keep your hand about 5 cm above the table and let the joint fall down on your hand for several times with the filter pointed downwards. This will also make the mix a little bit more compact. Don't make it too compact either. When it is too tight, you will not be able to suck the air through the mix. When it isn't compact enought, the mix will contain too much air, making it harder to apply suction.

The upper part can now be twisted together (if you want to take the joint with you) or just burned away if you want to smoke it immediately.

The "Dutchman"

Turn the paper upside down so that this time, the adhesive part is on the bottom. Place filter and mixture on it like you did with the regular joint.

You roll it the same way like the regular joint, but this time, you start to bend the adhesive strip around the filter, under the paper. Roll it until the preferred tightness is reached. Then, make the adhesive part wet through the paper around it.

Detach the overlapping paper carefully. Now the joint has just got one layer of paper everywhere. Less paper enhances the taste and makes the smoke smoother.

Wait a little for the joint to dry. Then, knock the joint on the table, just like the regular joint.

The "Tulip"

Adhere 2 big smoking papers, forming a square.

One of the corners, the one without adhesive strip, is bended and sloped to the border of the adhesive strip. Make the adhesive strip wet and bend it on the paper, creating a triangle.

The open side is now filled with the mix, but press it several times, so the tulip is not too fluffy.

Carefully press the overlapping paper together.

Put the filter in the center of the joint and hold the filter with the overlapping paper.

The Filter:

In Europe, the common way to roll a joint is by using a filter. This prevents herbs from being sucked into the mouth and has a little cooling effect. For a filter, you can use any kind of rigid white paper (without ink), a filter tip from a booklet of filters, or a millboard from a cigarette pack. The dimensions of the filter should be around 1,5 x 4,0 cm.


Cannabis | THC | Hashish

The amount of THC present in plant material can vary heavily. People consuming dried cannabis or hashish, should also be aware that modern engineered cannabis strains are much stronger than natural strains.

Because of the high amount of active components, a dosage of 0,1 gram should be sufficient for one person to feel the effects.

Regular smokers or people with low to medium tolerance, use 0,1 - 0,3 grams.

People with high tolerance often use dosages from 0,3 - 0,5 grams.

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