Smoking extract of Galangal [Kaempferia galanga]

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Here's what you do in order to make a smokeable extract of the Galangal root.

Required equipment

Cooking pot with boiling water
Dilute HCl
Petroleum ether
Galangal root powder

Preparation Method 

1. Place the pulverized roots in boiling water.

2. Cook them for 10 minutes.

3. Filter them out. Repeat this process 3 times.

4. You can keep the liquid boiling, until only syrup is left. Dilute HCl is poured over it.

5. Basify the mixture with NaOH.

6. Put the mixture in petroleum ether and shake it well. Wait until it separates.

7. Decant the petroleum ether and let the rest evaporate.

8. After all petroleum ether has vaporized, a black tar like substance, which can be smoked, remains.

Please note that when the root extract is smoked, it takes several minutes before the effects can be felt.


Galangal [Kaempferia galanga]

1-2 tablespoons are used for mild effects. This leads to intense color visualization, an enhanced clearness of thoughts and a mild stimulating effect.

2-4 tablespoons are used for medium effects. It leads to a changed view, similar to the effects of cannabis, euphoria and stimulation. But you still have very clear thoughts.

5 tablespoons or more are used for strong effects. It leads to visual changes, similar to cannabis, but more colorful. Strong euphoria and stimulation, but muscle relaxing at the same time.

Effects start after 10-20 minutes. Peak is reached after 20-30 minutes. Effects last for 3-4 hours and wear off slowly.

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