Smoking with a Vaporizer

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Nowadays, there are many types and brands of vaporizers, making it difficult to provide a detailed explanation. In order to get an exact description, check the instructions of your vaporizer. We can however, explain you the basic principles of how a vaporizer works and give you some tips.

Like pipes or cigarettes, vaporizers will heat THC in order to consume it. But unlike pipes or cigarettes, vaporizers do not burn the herbs, which otherwise will produce unhealthy gases and releases dangerous particles into the inhaled air. Instead, the vaporizer really only heats up the herbs, causing the active substances to boil off as a vapor. It is this vapor that users inhale, making it one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis!

How to use it

Make sure you grind up your herb. Don’t grind it into a powder either. A couple of spins in your herb (or coffee) grinder will do the trick. If you don’t have any kind of grinder, use scissors to turn it into even chunks. This will make sure your herbs vaporize more evenly.

Turn on the vaporizer and let it warm up. The time this takes, depends on the model of vaporizer. Some take 5 minutes, others 10 minutes.

Place your herbs on the heating plate of the vaporizer: after 2 to 5 minutes, the herbs will start to change color and a mist will appear. This means the vaporizer is ready.

Breathe in the vapor. Keep it in as long as possible. But watch out: it comes in very fast.

Don't forget to turn it off when you are finished!

Make sure you do not inhale more than necessary. Very often, people who use vaporizers for the first time use too much herbs because they are afraid they won’t feel the effects. Because the vapor looks more like a mist than smoke, many people think the effects won’t be as powerful. Just use the same amount you would use in a bong.


Cannabis | THC | Hashish

The amount of THC present in plant material can vary heavily. People consuming dried cannabis or hashish, should also be aware that modern engineered cannabis strains are much stronger than natural strains.

Because of the high amount of active components, a dosage of 0,1 gram should be sufficient for one person to feel the effects.

Regular smokers or people with low to medium tolerance, use 0,1 - 0,3 grams.

People with high tolerance often use dosages from 0,3 - 0,5 grams.

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