What are hybrids ?

by Christian Müller 11/26/2009 Introduction |  Cannabis |  Grow Views 4922

Hybrids are a mix between two different cannabis varieties.

Sativa hybrids are easy to grow and can often be grown outside. The THC level is a little lower, but the yields are much higher. In general, Sativa hybrids are easier to handle than Indica hybrids, but this is not always the case.

Indica hybrids (a mix of an Indica strain with other strains) are mostly created for indoor growing. They are optimized for a very high resin production and a high THC level. Some very potent strains are hard to grow, even a small mistake can kill the plants.

Ruderalis hybrids are very uncommon. There exist only a few available strains. Normally, they are designed for outdoor growing and don’t need to be handled with care. The yields are average with a medium THC level. These plants also need a long time to grow and flower. Because of these disadvantages, the Ruderalis is rarely used.

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