We are happy to offer a 50€ coupon to be used in one of our sponsor's webshops for any of your videos which will be accepted and used on HowToDrugs.com. Please send us the link where to find your video via the contact page with all your info and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
When making a video please bear in mind few and simple rules:
1) Each video should be recorded in the best quality possible (HD will be preferred).
2) Each video should include our website URL (HowToDrugs.com) or our website logo on the bottom right corner of the video for the all duration of the video.
3) Each video should include a title, which can be about one of the related Categories from our website, I.e. "grow", "take", "make" or "test", and including which drug the video is related to. One example for a title could be: "Growing Magic Mushrooms in few easy steps"