Using: Papaver Somniferum - Opium Poppy: Opium

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There are several ways of consuming opium. It can be smoked, inhaled, drunk, or eaten. You can also choose between different types of opium: raw, pure or Chinese opium.

Raw Opium

Raw opium can be pulverized and smoked with tobacco and/or cannabis.

Inhaling pure opium

If you prefer pure opium, then you should heat and vaporize it, instead of smoking it. Just prepare a tube with aluminum foil, place the opium on a tablespoon and heat it with a lighter, inhale the steam with the aluminum tube slowly.

Oral intake

You can also just swallow the opium on an empty stomach.

Opium Wine

Opium can also be placed in wine and dissolved in it. At the time of the Roman Empire, sweet wines were preferred.

Chinese Smoking Opium

Chinese smoking opium is another variation of opium.
1. Dissolve the opium in water and boil it down again.
2. You can now ferment the wet substance (just keep it airtight) for 1-2 weeks.
3. Take out the opium again and dry it until it becomes an elastic, kneadable mass.
The opium is now ready for consumption. For this kind of opium, vaporization is also the recommended method of consumption.

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Dosage: Papaver Smoniferum - Opium Poppy